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Mr A. Bloomfield

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The Humanities Department offers excellent opportunities to study Geography, History and Religious Studies. Students receive interesting and exciting lessons which encourage independent study skills and an enquiring mind. In the Humanities Department students will be exposed to a wide range of different accounts, evidence, case studies and opinions; from these they will learn to develop their own, well-rounded, considered opinions. The Humanities Department is committed to ensuring our students foster a love of learning and are in a position to explore the world that they live in.


Please see Project Based Learning.


At Key Stage 4 students study the AQA B specification for Geography GCSE. Students undertake a Controlled Assessment with the theme based on local geography. Studying Geography GCSE enables our students to realise their full potential because they are exposed to engaging content. Students have the opportunity to develop a range of communication skills, graphical and cartographical skills as well as technological skills including ICT. Students also develop interpersonal skills through debate and discussion which in turn develops literacy and numeracy skills through practical application. A large part of the Geography syllabus revolves around problem solving and even entrepreneurial skills and awareness of career possibilities. In addition to the skills learned, the Geography department ensures that lessons allow the opportunity for personalised and independent learning which provide our students a clear overall view of the world in the first part of the 21st century.

Students will study 3 units for their GCSE examination:

Unit 1: Managing Places in the 21st Century

Unit 2: Hostile World and Shrinking World.

(Both units 1 & 2 will be examined at the end of Year 11.)

Unit 3: Local Investigation will take the form of a Controlled Assessment which is completed during the two years of GCSE study.


For further information, please see the Post-16 Prospectus.