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Design Technology

Department Name:

Design technology


Mrs E. Walter

Department description:

Design Technology is about designing and applying a range of practical skills to develop our students into young entrepreneurs. They will learn to problem solve and use time management to create solutions to products and combine this with traditional hand skills using woods, metals, plastics, fabric, card and modelling materials.


In Year 7 students follow a half year programme where they make a series of products to help develop their hand skills, design and presentation of work. They make a small wooden train to learn chiselling, plaining and jointing. They then make a travel 'noughts and crosses' game focusing on cross halving joint and finishing. They will package this and look at logo design, company identity and presentation skills. Students then use hand skills and wire manipulation to make a chain and pendant which is cold enamelled. The final project is a small mobile phone pouch to learn applique and hand sewing skills.

In Year 8 students once again have a half year programme and make more complex projects focusing on wider aspects of design, for example:

- A pewter cast pendant with an emphasis on finishing metal;

- A celebration card using pop up mechanisms;

- A money box using CAD and CAM to cut parts;

- A zentangle pouch looking at freehand drawing and pattern making.

In Year 9, students choose which area of DT they have most enjoyed and make products in their chosen specialism:

In Resistant Materials they make a Scroll formed product and learn to braise and paint metal. They will make a trinket box and design the top to have a laser etched design. Finally, they design and CAM manufacture a miniature piece of modern slot together furniture.

In Graphics they will learn technical drawing skills: one and two point perspective, isometric, oblique and rendering, enlargement, interior design and modelling using the laser cutter.


In Year 10, students have the option to follow the NCFE Creative Studies in Craft. This is a wood and metal based course which focusses on hand skills; designing and developing products to highlight the skills they have learnt. They will make all traditional wood joints, wood turn and metal inlay, enamelling, soldering, stone setting, planishing, piercing and jewellery techniques. They will then have to make a small product to sell and raise money for charity before making their final product for their exam piece.

In Year 11, they will have 15 hours to make this product under exam conditions. They will have to plan and display their final product in an exhibition before testing and evaluating.

In Year 10, students will be able to follow the NCFE Graphics course. This course is about design and modelling for the promotion of products. The course will cover traditional drawing skills and up to date design using CAD and CAM.

In Year 11, the course has a practical exam which is 15 hours to make a final product on a theme set by the exam board. This they will then need to test and evaluate after exhibiting their final show.


For further information, please see the Post-16 Prospectus.