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Physical Education

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Physical Education


Mr J. Gardner

Department description:

Our department's aim is that teaching and learning at The Marsh Academy is inspirational and underpinned by our ethos of 'Where learning comes first'. This means that all PE staff involved in teaching and learning constantly strive to maximise learning time to ensure that all students can make outstanding progress.

Physical Education is a practical based subject which introduces and teaches students in a wide range of physical activities and sports. It also has examination courses that combine practical elements and assessments as well as theoretical work encompassing all areas of sport.


In Years 7 and 8 students will have a ‘traditional’ curriculum including: football, basketball, rugby, netball, dance, gymnastics, cricket, rounders and athletics.

From Year 9 onwards students can choose more of the activities that they want to do including a large amount of new ones such as: trampolining, hockey, dodgeball, tennis, table-tennis, cheerleading and handball.

Learning will take place in a variety of ways. At times our experienced staff will teach and demonstrate set skills to be copied and practised by students. Students will sometimes experiment with their own ideas on the best way to achieve an individual or group / team goal. As they progress through the years, students are given more opportunities to lead parts of the lessons themselves. Self- and peer-evaluation are also key elements to many PE lessons. Learning through playing the game itself and discovering how to deal with situations within the game are also ways that our students learn.



This specification follows on from the Key Stage 3 Physical Education programme of study by providing students with exciting opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by choosing from a variety of roles and activities in which to participate in physical activity.

The content of this GCSE Physical Education specification is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle; to provide a route to further study in Further Education awards, such as A levels and to Higher Education in PE as well as to related career opportunities.


For further information, please see the Post-16