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Religious Education

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Mr A. Bloomfield

Department description:

The Humanities Department offers excellent opportunities to study Geography, History and Religious Studies. Students receive interesting and exciting lessons which encourage independent study skills and an enquiring mind. In the Humanities Department students will be exposed to a wide range of different accounts, evidence, case studies and opinions; from these they will learn to develop their own, well-rounded, considered opinions. The Humanities Department is committed to ensuring our students foster a love of learning and are in a position to explore the world that they live in.


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Religious Studies at Key Stage 4 follows the AQA B specification and is the full GCSE qualification. Religious Studies is a compulsory subject for all students at GCSE. The course enables our students to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, their beliefs and practises as well as their views on specific topics. 

The subject is taught using thematic studies of religion and religious responses to fundamental questions of life, focusing on six major world religions. The lessons are planned and taught so that students of any religious persuasion or none can learn and achieve.

Students are given the opportunity and encouraged to express their personal responses and informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments. The qualification sits in line with the locally agreed syllabus for Religious education as the students study two units, each consisting of six topics. The qualification is assessed through terminal examinations at the end of the two year course. 

Students study:

Unit 2 – Religion and Life Issues

  • - Religion and Early Life
  • - Religion and Young People
  • - Religion and Animal Rights
  • - Religion and Planet Earth
  • - Religion and Prejudice
  • - Religion, War and Peace

    Unit 3 – Religion and Morality

  • - Religious Attitudes to Life
  • - Religious Attitudes to the Elderly and Death
  • - Religious Attitudes to Drug Abuse
  • - Religious Attitudes to Crime and Punishment
  • - Religious Attitudes to Rich and Poor in British Society
  • - Religious Attitudes to World Poverty



For further information, please see the Post-16 Prospectus.