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Science Reading List Under 14s

Book Title


What Makes You YOU?

By Gill Arbuthnott

How Animals Live

By Christiane Dorion

We've Got Your Number

By Mukul Patel

The Usborne Big Book Of Stars And Planets

By Emily Bone

Lift-The-Flap Questions And Answers About Your Body

By Katie Daynes

Eye Benders: The Science Of Seeing And Believing

By Clive Gifford With Consultant Anil Seth

Build The Human Body

By Richard Walker


By Anneliese Emmans Dean

Discover More: The Elements

By Dan Green

Don't Flush: Lifting The Lid On The Science Of Poo And Wee

By Richard Platt, Mary Platt, John Kelly

Human Body Factory

By Dan Green

Look Inside Space

By Rob Lloyd Jones

How The Weather Works

By Christiane Dorion And Beverley Young

Out Of This World: All The Cool Bits About Space

By Clive Gifford

Plagues, Pox And Pestilence

By Richard Platt And John Kelly

Science Experiments

By Robert Winston And Ian Graham

See Inside Inventions: An Usborne Flap Book

By Alex Frith And Colin King

The Magic Of Reality

By Richard Dawkins And Dave Mckean

What Mr Darwin Saw

By Mick Manning And Brita Granstrom

What Goes On In My Head

By Robert Winston

The Story Of Astronomy And Space

By Usborne

The Icky Sticky Blood And Snot Book

By Steve Alton And Nick Sharratt

How The World Works

By Christiane Dorion And Beverley Young

What's The Point Of Being Green?

By Jacqui Bailey

It's Elementary!

By Robert Winston

The Big Book Of Science Things To Make And Do

By Rebecca Gilpin And Leonie Pratt

How The Incredible Human Body Works, By The Brainwaves

By Richard Walker, Ralph Lazar And Lisa Swerling

Serious Survival: How To Poo In The Arctic And Other Essential Tips For Explorers,

By Marshall Corwin

Why Is Snot Green?Science Museum Question And Answer Book  ,

By Glenn Murphy

Ask Dr K Fisher About Animals,

By Claire Llewellyn And Kate Sheppard

How Nearly Everything Was Invented By The Brainwaves

By Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar And Jilly Macleod

Can You Feel The Force?

By Richard Hammond

It's True! Space Turns You Into Spaghetti

By Heather Catchpole And Vanessa Woods

My Body Book

By Mick Manning And Brita Granstrom

Science Investigations - Electricity

By John Farndon

KFK Natural Disasters

By Andrew Langley

Kingfisher Knowledge: Forensics

By Richard Platt

Global Garden

By Kate Petty, Jennie Maizels And Corina Fletcher

Blame My Brain

By Nicola Morgan

It's True! Squids Suck

By Nicki Greenberg

Think Of A Number

By Johnny Ball

100 Science Experiments

By Georgina Andrews And Kate Knighton

Night Sky Atlas

By Robin Scagell

Kingfisher Knowledge: Microscopic Life

By Richard Walker

Leap Through Time: Earthquake

By Nicholas Harris

Mysteries And Marvels Of Science

By Phillip Clarke, Laura Howell And Sarah Khan

Curie And The Science Of Radioactivity

By Ian Graham, David Antram

Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet

By David Burnie

Bodyscope: The Story Of Life

By Patricia Macnair

Kingfisher Knowledge: Animal Giants

By Barbara Taylor

E Explore Earth

By Matt Turner

Bodyscope: Movers And Shakers

By Patricia Macnair

Seaside Scientist

By Mick Manning And Brita Granstrom

Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Solar System

By Mike Goldsmith

What Makes Me Me?

By Robert Winston

Who Lives In Space?

By Clare Oliver

Introduction To Weather & Climate Change

By Laura Howell

Start Science: Forces And Motion

By Sally Hewitt

In The Rainforest

By Peter Riley

Riotous Robots

By Mike Goldsmith

Artificial Intelligence

By Anne Rooney

The Beginning: Voyages Through Time

By Peter Ackroyd

The Science Of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

By John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin

Big Numbers

By John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin

Eureka !

By Richard Platt

A Drop In The Ocean: The Story Of Water

By Jacqui Bailey & Lilly Matthew

Mysteries & Marvels Of Nature

By Elizabeth Dalby

Optical Illusions

By Duncan Muir

Really Rotten Experiments

By Nick Arnold & Tony De Saulles

Horrible Science: The Terrible Truth About Time

By Nick Arnold

Get In Gear

By Sholly Fisch

The Way Science Works

By Robin Kerrod & Dr Sharon Ann Holgate

Leap Through Time: Dinosaur

By Nicholas Harris

The DK Guide To The Oceans

By Frances Dipper

Why Can't I..? Series

By Sally Hewitt

DK Guide To The Human Body

By Richard Walker

Materials (Library Of Science Series)

By Alastair Smith, Phillip Clarke And Lorinne Henderson

Mega Bites: Bugs

By Christopher Maynard

Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia

By David Burnie

Life Finds It Feet

By Jacqui Bailey

Dead Famous:Einstein

By Mike Goldsmith

Suffering Scientists (Horrible Science Series)

By Nick Arnold

DK Guide To Weather

By Michael Allaby

Eyewitness Guides: Epidemics

By Brian Ward

DK Guide To Dinosaurs

By David Lambert

The At Home With Science Series

By Janice Lobb And Peter Utton

The Complete Book Of The Brain

By John Farndon

History News ­- In Space

By Michael Johnstone

Evolve Or Die

By Phil Gates

Science Magic: Brainwaves In The Bedroom

By Richard Robinson

The Usborne First Excyclopedia Of Our World

By Felicity Brooks

DK Guide To Space

By Peter Bond

The Kingfisher Book Of Planet Earth

By Martin Redfern

The Marshall Children's Guide To Astronomy

By Jacqueline And Simon Mitton

Science School

By Mick Manning And Brita Granstrom

Big Head!  A Book About Your Brain And Your Head

By Pete Rowan

Stephen Biesty's Incredible Body

By Richard Platt

Ask Uncle Albert  100&Frac12; Tricky Science Questions Answered

By Russell Stannard

The Usborne Complete Book Of The Microscope

By Kirsteen Rogers

Big Bang: The Story Of The Universe

By Heather Couper/Nigel Henbest

The Kingfisher Book Of Oceans

By David Lambert

Understanding Your Muscles And Bones

By Rebecca Treays


By Mike Janulewicz

How Did I Begin?

By Mick Manning And Brita Granstrom


By Mick Manning And Brita Granstrom

Horrible Science Series:  Blood, Bones And Body Bits And Ugly Bugs

By Nick Arnold

The Incredible Journey To The Centre Of The Atom

By Nicholas Harris, Joanna Turner And Dr Trevor Day

Atlas Of Earthcare

By Miles Litvinoff

The Big Bug Search

By Caroline Young

What Happens When...

By John Farndon

Everyday Machines

By John Kelly With David Burnie And Obin

Wild Technology

By Phil Gates

The World Of Weather

By Chris Maynard

Microbes, Bugs And Wonder Drugs

By Fran Balkwill And Mic Rolph With Victor Darley-Usmar

Creatures That Glow

By Anita Ganeri With Obin, Roger Stewart And Peter Sarson

Our Universe

By Russell Stannard

The Most Amazing Pop-Up Science Book

By Jay Young

Fire - Friend Or Enemy?

By Jack Challoner

The Egg And Sperm Race

By Fran Balkwill And Mic Rolph


By David Burnie

The Robot Zoo

By John Kelly

Lucky Science

By Royston M Roberts And Jeanie Roberts

The Body Atlas

By Steve Parker

The Ultimate Dinosaur Book

By David Lambert

Eyewitness Science: Evolution

By Linda Gamlin

Science With Weather

By Rebecca Heddle And Paul Shipton

The Newsround Book Of Space

By Nick Heathcote, Susie Staples And Marshall Corwin

Jumbo Jets

By Althea And Edward Parker

How The Earth Works

By John Farndon


By Brenda Walpole

Mighty Microbes

By Thompson Yardley

Ian And Fred's Big Green Book

By Fred Pearce And Ian Winton

How Nature Works

By David Burnie

The Amazing Voyage Of The Cucumber Sandwich

By Peter Rowan

Black Holes And Uncle Albert

By Russell Stannard


By David Norman

Tomorrow's Earth

By David Bellamy

Why Is Night Dark?

By Sophy Tahta

The Big Book Of Prehistoric Life

By Dougal Dixon

The Big Book Of Stars And Planets

By Robin Kerrod

Sounds And Music

By Robin Kerrod


By Malcolm Dixon

Worm's Eye View

By Kipchak Johnson

Cells Are Us And Cell Wars

By Fran Balkwill And Mic Rolph

The Time And Space Of Uncle Albert

By Russell Stannard

Acid Rain

By John Baines


By Ian Graham

The World Of The Microscope

By Chris Oxlade And Corinne Stockley

Starting Point Science Series: What Makes A Flower Grow?/What Makes It Rain?/What's Under The Ground?/Where Does Electricity Come From?

By Susan Mayes

The Giant Book Of Space

By Ian Ridpath


By David Norman And Angela Milner

The Way Things Work

By David Macaulay

Smallpox Is Dead

By Arnold R Sanderson


By Richard Spurgeon


By Terry Cash

Lots Of Rot

By Vicki Cobb

Science Alive - Living Things

By Robin Kerrod

Visual Science - Medicine

By Bruce Durie

Size Is Vital

By Eric Laithwaite

Spaceprobes And Satellites

By Heather Couper And Nigel Henbest


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