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SMH Outage update

We have been contacted by Show My Homework Provider Satchel with details on the website's outage over the last few days. Below is a summarised message from the Chief Technology Officer.

'Given that the vast majority of schools have returned over the past week or so, the Engineering team at Satchel anticipated increasing activity on our website yesterday, and examination of activity on the site both for last week and for last year suggested we had sufficient capacity within our infrastructure to accommodate expected traffic.

However, despite this, the amount and scale of user activity on Show My Homework on the afternoon of 11th September caused our database performance to degrade to such a level whereby we were no longer able to serve any information to users. Furthermore, as performance slowed, the degradation was such that users could not log in either to the website or to our mobile applications.  In short, part of our database infrastructure ground to a standstill. Despite changes made to overcome the performance issues on the 11th, the changes made proved insufficient, as witnessed by the outage on the 12th.

Again, please accept our apologies for yesterday’s outage; Satchel appreciates that at this early point in the academic year, the problems with Show My Homework were unacceptable to all our users. The Engineering team here will continue to work to improve matters and ensure there is no repeat of this issue.'

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